1. SELF CARE IS JUST AS IMPORTANT AS ANY OTHER RELATIONSHIP YOU HAVE. It’s okay to love yourself. Having a healthy self esteem is so important to achieving your goals. I can’t tell you how many times I didn’t take a good risk because I had low self esteem. So go get in front of that mirror and tell yourself you love you and your worth anything!
  2. TRUST YOUR INSTINCTS. Seriously when your gut is saying there is something fishy about a situation or wrong go with your intuition and get out of there. I was 17 and I was rollerblading at a local park at 9 in the dark of night when a man pulled up into the park driveway. The man motioned for me to come to the vehicle I shook my head no. The man proceeded to reach for something under his seat. Immediately I had the intuition it was a gun. I hauled you know what out of there. I got a head start and he spun out following me home. He was right on my tail. Thankfully there were people out front and he took off. So friends take those protect yourself vibes seriously. They could save your life.
  3. WRITE DOWN YOUR GOALS and keep them in plain sight so that you make yourself accountable. Setting goals in life is important. If you don’t set any you could find yourself aimlessly wandering in life. A purposeless life is no way to live.
  4. CULTIVATE HEALTHY RELATIONSHIPS… When it comes to friendships and even familial relationships no one wants to deal with a toxic person. Do not be afraid to periodically evaluate those relationships to see if they are MUTUALLY beneficial. If you seem to sense that someone is taking advantage of you, being an energy vampire, or just plain sucks at caring for you let that sh*t go. Your wellbeing is important if a person seems to not care then it’s time.
  5. BE KINDER TO PEOPLE… when I was younger I had a habit of being, well a bit*h. I had a chip on my shoulder and I wasn’t afraid to let everyone know it. I noticed as I matured and recognized this character flaw that I was just projecting onto other people my own unhappiness. How selfish! When I “grew up” as it were I noticed the sweet honey effect kindness had on people I decided not to go back to that negative person I was before.
  6. REMEMBER WORDS DO NOT HAVE TO HAVE POWER OVER YOU…Of course words can hurt but you control your own feelings and the effect they have over you. Again it comes down to letting that sh*t go. If a person wants to mouth off let them look like scum and don’t even respond it’s not worth your time.
  7.   IF SOMEONE WANTS TO ACT LIKE A FRIEND BUT TALK SH*T ABOUT YOU BEHIND YOUR BACK fu*k it. In the words of Elsa on Frozen let it goooooo let it goooo. I have had so many friends and family do this and it is negative energy best shunned. A good friend is a friend you can trust. If someone is shady or spreads your personal business around they are not worth your time.
  8. TO HAVE GOOD FRIENDS YOU HAVE TO BE A GOOD FRIEND…. Remember the golden rule? Do unto others what you would want done to you. In any relationship it is about bring value to that person’s life and vice versa. Be the kind of friend you would personally want in your life then you will naturally attract that same type of person.
  9. MAKE PERSONAL GROWTH A PRIORITY… What do I mean by that you ask? Well we need to be constantly looking for ways to improve upon our personality. What are your personal weaknesses? Is it pride, selfish tendencies, are you caddy, what is you weakness? Identify it and work to alleviate it. Really you have much to benefit by this action you will feel better about yourself and life in general.

Well that is it my lovely friends! What would you tell your younger self? Leave it in the comments! I would love to hear about it. As always friends take care and Farewell! Be sure to like, comment, and feel free to share this article.

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I don’t know about you, but I have seen some sh%t in my life. Seriously I have waded through that river with my baggage on my head trying to stay afloat. Situations come around in life that is challenging, daunting, or downright moves you to grief. Here are some steps I take to go from blah to ahh.
Now I am using my truth voice here I deal with depression, anxiety, panic attacks, and agoraphobia. So believe me when I tell you that I know doing these things are not easy these suggestions will be challenging at first, but I am here to tell you that you can. I believe in you.

  1. Challenge yourself to get out of the house. Go look in the mirror and say “I am going to go outside today for blank amount of time. Then make good on it. Grab a book or magazine go sit at your favorite coffee shop or park. The sunlight will lift your spirits, and the caffeine will give you that jolt to liven up. When a person is exposed to sunlight, the brain releases the hormone serotonin. The hormone boosts the mood, and thus calms the person down reducing anxiety. When a person doesn’t get enough sunlight the levels of serotonin drop and cause a dip in mood. So go soak up those rays!
  2. Try to limit your time on social media. Sure it’s fun to tweet, post, and comment. Researchers have found that people who spend a lot of time on social media actually feel more isolated and that affects their mood. Social media can be a great way to connect with people, but it can also be used as a tool to bully, for people to write nasty things about you and many other negative behaviors. Those behaviors won’t bring you the joy you need and deserve.
  3. Call a Friend or Family Member to make a lunch date with them. Sometimes a good talk with another human can drag us out of the emotional mud. Plus when you run your challenge or reason for feeling down with someone they may have a different view to share with you. This fresh way of looking at the situation may just be what the DR ordered. Honestly from my perspective, this is always the hardest for me since as I said I have agoraphobia but I challenge myself, and once I do I always feel better. I tell you this because I don’t want you to think you are alone. I felt alone in my anxiety and depression for a long time and it isn’t a good place to linger in.
  4. I started doing aromatherapy in my house, and it made all the difference. So here is my regimen: Mornings I put on Peppermint oil, it wakes me up and lifts my mood while I guzzle coffee lol, Afternoon I put on something with citrus it keeps me awake for the afternoon haul, and at night time I use lavender sometimes I put basil in it too the combo is perfect. Think about it when you are in a flower shop doesn’t the aroma lift your spirits? Give your nose and brain a reboot with aromatherapy.
  5. Ok maybe I am going too far here, but seriously a little retail therapy can help. Don’t go overboard lol but give yourself a modest budget and take yourself on a date to your favorite store, or local donut shop or maybe both. Get yourself something to cheer you up. For me its journals. I have far too many to use in this lifetime. My Husband won’t let me go into the journal section anymore sadly haha. Seriously Treat Yo Self

Well, my lovely friends, I hope this article was of some value to you. Please know that I care about all of you and my heart goes out to you all under any circumstance you may be enduring. Please feel free to share with me any tips you may have when dealing with anxiety of any type in the comments. Please feel free to like, share this or visit me on any of my social media handles. I’d love to chat!!! Farewell my friends. Instagram @bree_renne Facebook @brendamullinsbloggerauthor

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Hey there friends! I’m back again. It’s 2019, and we all have goals in mind for the New Year. How do you keep yourself motivated and accountable to achieve those goals? That is a great question. I have a few tips and tricks up my sleeve that I do.

First I physically write my goals on sticky notes. I believe that writing down goals helps you manifest your goals. Some of us believe in the law of attraction even if you don’t think so leaving those notes on your mirror for you to see in the morning and at night is a constant reminder. We as humans are visual creatures having a visual reminder can be inspiring and put a fire under our tushes lol.

Second I find writing or keeping motivational or affirmation sayings around the house or on your phone can help to provide an air of positivity. Here are some places I leave the notes:  the fridge, mirrors, on a bulletin board, on doors. When it comes to goals the best thing you can do is stay positive to stay motivated. There is nothing worse than having a bad day, feeling negative, and then deciding to chuck your goal in the fu%* it bucket.

Third I make sure to discuss my goals with my family and the closest people to me. This in itself gives me a sense of accountability. Then those people can remind me of my goals and also check up on me to ask about my progress. I know I know it may seem like Mommy is watching over you but really this is just another avenue that will encourage you to grow. Sometimes a little people pressure can motivate a person.

Lastly, I keep posting affirmations and positive quotes to my social media accounts. For instance, I have a board on Pinterest with affirmations. I also post positive sayings to my Facebook and Instagram.  I was told my family and friends that that also helps them stay positive too so a twofold reward right there!

So my friends keep up the good work while progressing toward your personal goals! I believe in you! So go kick some tail!

What motivates you and how do you stay motivated? Let me know in the comments. Let’s chat!

Remember to follow me on Instagram @bree_renne I F4F. I love to do shououts so DM me. Well so long my friends! Farewell.

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“Beginning today, treat everyone you meet as if they were going to be dead by midnight. Extend to them all the care, kindness and understanding you can muster, and do it with no thought of any reward. Your life will never be the same again.” Og Mandino

When I was 8, I took notice of a little girl my age and her sister on the playground. I noticed them because the look on their faces was melancholy. I had never seen two girls so sad in my young life. Some of the other children were making fun of them because they were unwashed and had knots in their hair. 

I realized that I had a deep sense of justice in me at that point because the kids jeering made me angry and sad for the girls. I knew I was committing social suicide in a sense by befriending the girls, but at this point, I didn’t care.

I could see that these girls must be living a challenging life and there must have been more to the story. I was surprised to learn that she lived in my neighborhood. My Sister and I walked home with them. The girls took us to their dilapidated house. There was no front door which immediately worried me. There was only a tapestry in place of the door. I asked her if they got cold or felt afraid at night that someone would come in the house. The oldest girl merely laughed.

My family and I spent the next two years helping the girls and feeding them when we could. The point to this thought isn’t to toot our horn it is merely a friendly reminder that kindness has power in this world. I have noticed that the mannerism of kindness has somewhat faded in our society. On social media, people argue among themselves about politics, their personal views, and other views.

Some conversations I have seen have been almost violent in manner. These are quotes from studies at Dartmouth University on the effect of kindness on the brain…”According to research from Emory University, when you are kind to another person, your brain’s pleasure and reward centers light up, as if you were the recipient of the good deed—not the giver. This phenomenon is called the “helper’s high.” It goes on…Engaging in kindness releases endorphins the body’s natural pain killer. Kindness aids in lower blood pressure, anxiety, and much more.”

That is only one side of the effects of kindness. Think of the delight the recipient feels. No doubt after your act of kindness that feeling stays with them for some time and gives them a little more faith in humanity. You can illustrate it this way: After you eat an excellent, well-rounded meal, you feel full and satisfied.  The same feeling can be experienced by showing a random person a little kindness.

Speaking of kindness thank you to all who took the time to read my thoughts at Thoughticle by Bree Renne as always farewell my friends and feel free to like, share, or comment your thoughts below! I love to hear from you all!!!

Link to the study a fore mentionedhttps://www.dartmouth.edu/wellness/emotional/rakhealthfacts.pdf

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